Do you want to help fight Climate Change?

Forevergreen iOS is a game that empowers you to fight Climate Change

Maybe you don’t know what you personally can do to stop Climate Change, or if your actions will ever add up?!

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Forevergreen iOS is a FREE mobile app game with the sole purpose of empowering everyday people to fight Climate Change!

Forevergreen iOS combines the scalability of software with the adventure of a mobile app game, where you are the main character! Get rewarded to take action against Climate Change.

What Forevergreen iOS Offers

Go green, find a community of like minded people and win prizes for your contributions!


Over 100 impactful planet friendly activities to choose from and complete daily


Supportive in-app community forum to share your planet friendly experiences

Fun Impact

Gamified experience: weekly goals, competition and earn tree donations

The Insane Impact of Forevergreen iOS

  • 1,000 users* = 1,092,000 planet friendly activities per year
  • 10,000 users* = 10,920,000 planet friendly activities per year
  • 50,000 users* = 54,600,000 planet friendly activities per year
  • 100,000 users* = 100,920,000 planet friendly activities per year
  • 950,000 users* = 1,037,400,000 planet friendly activities per year  

*Users completing 3 planet friendly activities per day or 21 activities per week

Complete Simple Eco-Friendly Activities & Start Playing Today!

Take sustained environmental action regardless of lifestyle

We provide a wide range of simple, action based planet friendly activities that you can start today, from carpooling, buying local and taking shorter showers to purchasing palm oil free products, you earn points upon activity completion.

Earn points on our gamified platform

Earn points from completing green activities, the more points the higher your score and the higher paying US Forest Service donations you become eligible for. The more points the stronger the environmental impact you make. 

Share your accomplishments with other users

Share your progress towards a better future with other users. Follow public profiles and message other users -in app or on major social media platforms.

Why We Fight Climate Change With Software?

  • Massive scalability – ready to rise to the fight with crowdsourcing capabilities
  • Virtually carbon neutral – we partner with certified carbon neutral data centers  
  • The infrastructure is already established – no waiting on hydrogen fuel cells or better batteries 
  • Mature technology today – fusion is always 10 years out 
  • Convenient – just pick up your phone, no fancy degree required   

Forevergreen Tech’s mission: To enable every human on the planet with an internet connection to be able to fight Climate Change with software and save our planet.

We promise: To opensource the majority of our technology and business model to help spread innovative ideas and solutions for fighting Climate Change and saving our planet.

Why pre-register??

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  3. Save the planet

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Forevergreen Tech LLC is a climate tech startup based out of Colorado Springs CO, USA. We are 100% committed to fighting Climate Change with innovative software.

About the CEO

Ethan Thompson is an avid nature enthusiast, self-taught programmer, public speaker and aspiring community leader.

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Forevergreen Tech LLC Team:

Colorado Springs, Colorado